Lesson 2 – Do 25 tutorials

When I started out my goal was to learn how to create dynamic websites with Ruby on Rails.

In January I tried to complete Zed E. Shaws “Learn Ruby the hard way” with no prior experience in programming whatsoever. You may ask yourself why I would do this to myself? It’s simple. I read this article on medium and thought I had to learn Ruby first and then head on to Ruby on Rails.

The idea of Zed’s books is to teach you the fundamentals with a ton of repetition and in depth tutorials on each subject like if/else statements, loops, booleans etc..

That’s all great but I wanted to CREATE WEBSITES. This book did not help a lot to comprehend the very basics of a framework for web development.

Simple model-controller-view concepts, routing, templating, and database-interactions were still hard to comprehend after going through the motions of those quite heavy Ruby exercises.

Things changed for the better when I actually started to follow simple Rails tutorials:

Tutorials 1-10

As soon as I started to build sample apps I could take a better grasp on how these concepts work together. I recommend doing all free Rails tutorials from the 10-in-10 Challenge by Mackenzie Child first. They’re very basic and easy to follow. You get them on Mackenzie Child’s channel on Youtube.


  1. Don’t stress out if your app is not 100% perfect (or even 90%). You’ll screw up and make errors you probably won’t not able to fix.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up if your features in jQuery and general JavaScript don’t work. It’s simple but can get complicated very fast when you’re new to the syntax of JavaScript.
  3. Expect deprecations in syntax and rubygem commands. Always have a window with the current documentation open in a separate tab and verify as much commands from rubygems as you can spot on GitHub. (This will take some time but it’s definitely worth it.)

Tutorials 11-18

Buy this Udemy course by Yonathan Ayenew. You’ll build 8 simple apps and get to know the very basics about Ruby and Rails. Once you experience the difference between general Youtube content and paid courses you’ll appreciate the HD in resolution and sound as well as the up-to-date software used to get the job done.

Your time googling about the current commands/syntax gets reduced to a bearable minimum. You’re welcome.

Don’t spend the full price on the course. Wait until there’s a monthly discount week or just google “udemy [insert your course] coupons”. You’ll save up to 90%.

Tutorials 19-25

At this point you can choose to do written tutorials, do more Udemy courses or check out ThoughtBot. Along with Ben Orenstein, these guys have super valuable content to get you over that very beginner stage at a more than reasonable price.


You now should be familiar with the very basics of Rails. Of course there’s a lifetime more to learn but now you can actually build solid dynamic websites. The tricky part is to get them into production a.k.a. live on the web. More about that in the next post.

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