Lesson 1 – HTML and CSS first…Frameworks second!

When you learn your first framework you’re not fluent in the language you chose.

See HTML and CSS as the building blocks to build the content and look of your websites. I saw tutorials for Rails where the author had to explain what the different selectors in CSS meant or how a HTML table is built. These things can confuse you terribly and cost you so much time you could invest in actually learning the programming language you came to this site for.

If you just started out go to:


This is a very good starter point for absolute beginners. It’s free and teaches you the very basics of how the web works and how to use HTML and CSS. You can can even come back to do Rails courses as well. But I recommend going another route. More about that in the next post.


Do the HTML and CSS part only and don’t waste too much time trying to get a multisite up and running. As soon as you get one page running and looking quite ok it’s time to move to the next resource. (Check out part 2)

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